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Live Greener : Breathable Building

Holistic framework, infrastructure, and enhancements to optimize sustainable and green living.
LEED® Gold and SITES™ certified.

Beyond Green Eco Living

Holistic framework, infrastructure, and enhancements to optimize sustainable and green living. LEED® Gold and SITES™ certified.

Butterfly Habitat

A spectrum of blue, a fade of orange, and a patchwork of red, the Mission Blue, San Bruno Elfin, and Bay Checkerspot butterflies are protected and nurtured at their habitat. The habitat is a living representation of the sustainable lifecycle at the core of 38 Dolores’ philosophy.


Walking through the front doors of 38 Dolores is entry into a sanctuary of 21st Century living. Its fusion of design, art, and technology is a respite from urban clamor and an awakening to what can be done next.

Lounge 38

When there’s not enough counter space or chairs at home, the community room at 38 Dolores is your go-to relocation spot. Its state-of-the-art entertainment system, chef’s kitchen, and gathering table for 12 ensure a lively social experience.

Outdoor Living Room with Fire Pit

Get comfortable and cozy around the warmth and enchantment of the fire pit. Gather with friends to talk about the day’s activities or the nation’s obstacles. Better yet, engage in a competitive game of charades.


Grab your “Kiss the Chef” apron and favorite spices to grill up delicious bites on the BBQ. If you’re any good­–and we’re sure you are­–you’ll have more new friends at 38 Dolores than you have condiments.

Gathering Green Roof

Car Share Bike Storage

Sprout Herb Garden

Open spaces for soothing the soul and natural landscaping to pleasure the palette, you’ll be engaged in social well-being and culinary creation. It’s the perfect utilization of common space – as you select your menagerie of tastes from the garden, you’ll be meeting new guests for your next dinner party.

Whole Foods Market

On site and at your convenience, Whole Foods Market is your second fridge for late night hunger pains or weekend picnics. Dedicated to organic sustainable food, Whole Foods Market supplies the highest quality, most wholesome foods available.


38 Dolores is located where your feet, bike, or a bus can get you where you want to go. But it also provides the option to hop in a car when you really need one. Via its partnership with City CarShare, you’ll have easy access to over 20 different vehicle models. You’ll be part of the movement choosing people, neighborhoods, and community over cars. And save money along the way.


Ready to jump on your bike for a day of riding, but forgot your sunglasses up in the apartment? No worries. There’s plenty of designated, convenient, safe bike parking for a quick lock up or an extended stay. A bike barracks to store and secure your 2-wheeler as well as a DIY shop supplied with the necessary tools to repair, replace or upgrade components. Locking installations provide safeguards as well as plenty of room to prevent tangling with other bikes.


Don’t want to part with your collection of rock concert t-shirts? Need to keep a spare air mattress for friends who have too great of a time visiting you and can’t stop? No problem. There’s plenty of extra storage space for keepsakes as well as provisions.

Beyond Green : Eco-Living

A fusion of enlightened spaces and sensory responsibility, the mixed-use materials and features at 38 Dolores ensure a more efficient use of resources and a less invasive impact on the environment. From harvesting rainwater to employing solar thermal technology, to creating a habitat for endangered butterflies, 38 Dolores is a sanctuary for a green positive lifestyle.

Rainwater Harvesting

Capture and reuse rainwater from roof decks for landscaping.

Alternative Energy

Employ solar thermal and other technologies where appropriate.

Connect to Nature

Podium landscaping includes vegetable and flower gardening for residents.

Green Roof

Slow runoff, filter water, reduce urban heat island effects and create habitat.

Butterfly Habitat

Rooftop vegetation to support endangered species such as the San Bruno Elfin and Mission Blue Butterflies.

Eco Living

Material Choices

Preference to non-toxic, recycled and recyclable building materials.

Urban Infill

Improve utilization of city systems, reduce carbon footprint and support urban vitality.

Natural Ventilation

Reduce energy consumption through design for passive natural ventilation.

Day lighting

Reduce energy demand while improving occupant comfort.

Smart Sidewalks

Slow runoff from rainfall while raising environmental awareness.

Your Second Fridge : On Site Retail

A late night at work or friends visiting for the weekend, you'll be prepared with the ultimate convenience of in-house Whole Foods Market supplying the vital vittles.

Whole Foods Market is the nation’s leading grocery chain dedicated to organic sustainable food. The company’s mission is to promote the vitality and well-being of all individuals by supplying the highest quality, most wholesome foods available. Whole Food Market’s core mission is devoted to the promotion of organically grown foods, food safety concerns, and the sustainability of the entire ecosystem.

Whole Foods

Eco-exist : Pet Positive+

Your four-legged friends are our friends at 38 Dolores. Welcomed with open arms at home, nearby Eureka Valley Dog Park is the perfect place for the pooches to make new friends and owners to do the same. And Wag Hotel—The Ultimate Stay & Play Resort™ will provide your cat or dog with day care, hotel-like boarding, training, grooming, or spa services, providing you with peace of mind your pet is safe, healthy and having the time of their lives.

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